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All Guilds Meeting - July 2014

Аватар пользователя Doobes

This month's All Guilds Meeting was a bit more laid back and free-form due to the lack of presenters, but a few tidbits of news ended up making their way into the proceedings.  As always, we have the raw and cleansed chatlogs for you to read if you missed out.


Kath was up first to update everyone on the two big projects on which she's been working.  The first is her reimagining of the Book of Atrus.  She plans to put the project on hold until better sources of material are available before she continues on; for example, a better idea of the path from the surface to D'ni.

Secondly, the Guild of Linguists' D'ni Language Restoration Project is still in need of talented individuals to help expand the D'ni language.  This project has been endorsed by Cyan's Richard "RAWA" Watson, so head on over and lend a hand!


Whil was next to talk about the revamps being done for his various Age projects, namely Fens and Tosholek (links go to pictures of older versions of the Age projects and do not include the new updates).  While he did not specify a release date, he said they would be out "soon" for offline URU.

You can read more about his projects at http://cavernlink.wordpress.com .

Guild of Messengers

The GoMe was last at this rather short meeting.  Doobes mentioned three new articles on The Cavern Post since the last AGM.  He also mentioned how the new Guild Pub had hosted a party on Gehn Shard to great success and how it had recently been released on The Open Cave MOUL Shard, along with various other fixes and additions in that update.

NOTE: Due to Mysterium falling on the first Saturday of next month, Doobes has implemented the raindate.  The next All Guilds Meeting will be held the following Saturday, August 9th at the usual 13:00 KI Time.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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